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    Venous reflux testing with ultrasound is a test utilizing high-frequency sound waves to obtain images of veins in the arms or legs and evaluate for reflux. This test is used to determine if there are any problems with the vessels which may result in varicose veins, pain and swelling. The technologist applies an acoustic gel on your arms or legs over the area to be viewed. A painless instrument called a transducer is gently moved across that portion of your body to visualize the inside of the veins.

    What to Expect: During the test, you will be asked to lie on your back (if possible), while a trained technologist will record the images made by the ultrasound. The test usually takes less than 45 minutes. Venous reflux testing does not hurt and there are no documented complications from the use of this type of ultrasound. During the test you may hear several strange noises coming from the machine. Do not become alarmed; these noises are actually the sound of blood moving through your body.

    PREP:  There are no special preparations for this test.