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    Groin Duplex Scan utilizes sound waves to image the blood flow to the arteries in your groin. This is done after a heart catheterization or other interventional procedure when a patient experiences groin pain or swelling following the procedure to rule out pseudoaneurysm (false aneurysm – a leak in an artery causing blood to collect). The test may also be ordered due to an abnormal sound (bruit) in your groin arteries.

    Prep: No prep.

    What to Expect: You will be asked to remove your clothing for test and will be given a gown to wear. You will be asked to lie on your back during the test and may be asked to change positions during the test. The sonographer will ultrasound your groin to view your arteries. The test will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. If your test is negative, you may resume your normal activities immediately following the test.